SAUNA – VIBRA MASSAGE High-Performance Slimming belt

₨ 3,850.00


Product Description

High-Performance Slimming belt
Dual Energy Massage Slimming Belt “SAUNA – VIBRA MASSAGE” with remote control
This massage slimming belt hot – vibra, is double acting with remote control, heats the area (sauna) resulting in sweating, consequence of which is the elimination of toxins and fat, with vibration (vibra) accomplished dressage – tightening and cellulite!
get the slimming belt sauna hottest massage – vibra, double action, and will be as if you have become two bands (one sauna and one for vibration – vibra), book smart option.
you have accumulated fat in the region (life jacket);
discomfort with exercise and diet without the satisfactory result?
There is a solution, the massage slimming belt vibra, double action!
the temperature will help you through sweat discharging fat and toxins naturally.
features two powerful vibration motor with 3 stairs continuous massage, pulsating and alternating with waves from left to right.
with the remote control to select the program you want, only massage only sauna or for best results a combination of both!
tightens abs, reduces buns, sculpt buttocks and thighs.
If you want to lose points locally, to reduce cellulite, get rid of excess fat, the VIBRA MASSAGE slimming belt will help you effectively and rapidly if the use methodically
Wear around the point you want to lose points, abdomen, waist, buttocks, thighs, buns and get rid of unnecessary points and cellulite.
Attach the adhesive multipurpose tape, put it to the mains and turn the switch to the appropriate temperature.
the temperature opens the pores in points, eliminating sweat gripped and toxins.
using the VIBRA MASSAGE your metabolism will increase and your pounds will be reduced.
the skin thus remains smooth, soft and clean.
Length belt 1,25 m
Voltage: AC110V – 250V
Output: DC24V
Operating current: 2000MA
Power: 48W
Dimensions: 116cm x 16cm x 7cm